Here is an interesting take on the number of 'life tracking' apps, hacks and tech we are increasingly seeing.

Having signed up to preview Exist as an early user, I've been quite looking forward to hearing what a sophisticated app could tell me about my sleeping patterns, moods, fitness levels etc... however I've never really thought of the amount of time you'd waste actually tracking this data.

For the health-focussed and tech-savvy, there is no doubt that the notion of the "quantified self" will be popular - as it already is among athletes and health/fitness professionals - and such users will have no qualms about inputting meals consumed and exercise taken to see themselves visualised in graphs and statistics. But as with so many new innovations in the tech world, we have to ask ourselves... will it catch on to the mainstream public?

Perhaps. Every individual will have to (either concsiously or unconsicously) weigh up whether the value they get from their life data is worth the effort of logging the information in the first place. And of course, this will depend on how easy these trackers such as Jawbone, Fitbit and SleepBot make it for us. It is still pretty early days in terms of the quanified self, and whether having our every movement measured is a trend that will catch is something which remains to be seen.

I'm sure I am one of many who await with interest.